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Art Lab!
Grades 3-6
Students will be able to identify famous artists and their masterpieces, and create art using different mediums, materials and techniques as they make connections between art, math, science, engineering and technology.

Bubbling Biology – How Plants, Animals and Microscopic Organisms Live, Grow and Survive
Grades 3-5
Students will be able to identify characteristics of living things and how they adapt for survival, compare and contrast living things and understand the symbiotic relationship between living things.

Day of the Dinosaur
Grades 3-5
Students will identify patterns, cause and effect relationships and compare and contrast.

Destination Space
Grades K-3
Students will understand our place in the universe, and identify and name the contents including; planets, stars, moon, sun, and Milky Way

Destination Space
Grades 3-5
Students will understand our place in the universe, how motions of our Earth affect our lives and how technology helps study the universe.

Earth 911- Become an Eco Hero!
Grades 3-6
Recognize that man’s activities impact the natural environment; we share our environment with other living things both plant and animal, and depend on them to live. Therefore, we need to take care not to damage our natural world.

Engineering and Design- Creative Building for Inventive Minds
Grades 2-5
Students should understand how to put the design process to use in order to solve a problem they are faced with. Identify and explain the steps of the engineering design process and identify the need or problem, research the problem, develop possible solutions, select the best possible design, select the best possible solution(s), construct a prototype, test and evaluate, communicate the solution(s), and redesign.

Fascinating Field Trip Under the Sea
Dive into an underwater adventure and explore our beautiful and curious oceans.

Fizzing Physics – Discover the Facts Behind Color, Sound & Energy
Grades 3-6
Students will understand the study of physics, the characteristics of light, sound and color and how physics is applied to everyday life.

Geology Rocks!
Grades 3-5
Understand that the Earth’s outer crust is constantly changing as a result of internal and external forces.

Got the Message? – Language & Communication
Grades 3-6
Understand different forms of language and communication and the history, present day and future of communication.

Gross, Glorious Science
Grades 3-6
Learn about science concepts and see the world in a different way

Happening Habitats
Grades 3-5
Students will explore habitats and what living things need to survive.

The Human Body – An Amazing Machine!
Grades 3-5
Students will identify parts and functions of the body inside and out; and how to stay healthy.

The Inside Scoop On Insects – Bugs & Butterflies
Grades Pre-K-3
Students will develop a curiosity of, interest in, and respect for insects. Students will identify and name Insect body parts, key structure of insects and their functions, and behaviors of insects.

Invention Connection
Grades 3-6
Students will understand how inventions and innovations historically evolved based on the needs of society. Students will use a problem solving model to create a design, prototype and advertisement for a future invention or innovation.

Just Outside Your Front Door Nature Watch
Grades 2-5
Students will discover their natural world and how nature is all around; no matter where they live! Students will use art to express observations in nature using their eyes, ears and hands.

Life Cycles Grow with Me!
Grades K-3
Understand that organisms reproduce, develop, have predictable life cycles, and pass on traits to their offspring. Organisms and their environments are interconnected.

Real World Math Adventures – Be a Hero!
Grades 3-6
Students will identify new content related vocabulary words, problem and solution and sequence of events. Students will solve real world math problems to complete a mission.

Science Crackers
Grades 3-6
Compare and contrast books in a series on craft and structure, content and science concepts. Ask and answer questions, identify informational text features, understand the relationship between chemistry, biology, physics and astronomy.

STEAM Early Concepts
Grades K-2
Identify color words, patterns, pairs, animals, trace and draw, ask and answer questions, sort by category, and compare and contrast.

Walk on the Wild Side
Grades 2-5
Identify animal traits, characteristics and behaviors from animals around the world, heroic acts of animals, and distinguish between real and mythological creatures.

Weird and Wonderful Weather
Grades 3-5
Students will understand water and the water cycle and how it relates to weather and how humans impact the weather system on Earth.

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