Our People & Values
Our talented employees help us make and sell great books every day.

Our talented employees help us make and sell great books every day.

Our People

Our 300 talented employees, across 7 offices in 3 countries—as well as a wide network of creative contributors and freelancers—help us make and sell great books every day.

As a creative business, we are particularly dependent on our people. We strive to create a culture in which all our people flourish, and foster strong values to create a fair working environment.

We invest in our people by providing them with the tools, technology, and training needed to meet the dynamic challenges of our market and the evolving needs of customers.

Quarto is dedicated to attracting and retaining the best people who are as diverse as our customers and books. We also strive for our people policies to be globally fair and equal.

Our Core Values

Quarto’s core values, which shape our business, are generated by the staff and reviewed and updated annually to ensure that they are front of mind and heart and genuinely embedded in everything we do. Our core values are: GLOBAL, EQUITABLE, RESPONSIVE AND RESPONSIBLE.


Creating locally in the UK and US, we publish with a truly global mindset, and seek to represent the diversity of ideas, innovation and creativity from around the world.


We strive to create the space for everyone to do their best work and aim to fill that space with people from a wide range of backgrounds to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment, both internally and with our external collaborators. We trust each other and facilitate a collaborative and respectful culture where every voice is heard, and we grow together along the way.


We react and respond to an ever-changing market – innovating and taking calculated risks with permission to fail – to deliver the right products for our customers, readers and creators with best-in-class service.


We publish with integrity and create books that we believe in, with the intent to enrich, never harm. We seek to reduce our impact on the planet and support social and environmental initiatives that align with our values.

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Quarto is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion. We condemn systemic racism in society in all its forms. The Quarto Group is an equal opportunities employer. We believe that employing a diverse workforce is an important factor in success and make recruiting decisions based on applicants' experience and skills. We welcome applications from all members of society irrespective of age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief.

We are monitoring the diversity of our staff and published authors against the National Census annually and providing staff with unconscious bias and inclusion training to promote diversity. We are also committed to finding ways to improve our industry's practices.

Quarto denounces any and all forms of hate, discrimination, and oppression and does not condone the use of its products in any practices aimed at harming or demeaning any group or individual.

Our Stance Against Censorship

The Quarto Group stands against censorship in all its forms and supports authors, educators, librarians, and booksellers who work to defend and ensure equal and equitable access to books for all. We believe everyone deserves the right to read about a variety of experiences and perspectives. We are committed to encouraging intellectual curiosity and we support our authors' fundamental rights to share their stories with readers. Visit The National Coalition Against Censorship, PEN America, and the American Library Association's Office of Intellectual Freedom to learn more and to report instances of censorship.

Our Board of Directors
Non-Executive Chairman
Andy Cumming

Non-Executive Chairman

Executive Director
Chuk Kin Lau


Alison Goff

Group CEO

Non-Executive Director
Jane Moriarty

Non-Executive Director

Non-Executive Director
Mei Lan Lam

Non-Executive Director

Non-Executive Director
Andrea Giunti Lombardo

Non-Executive Director

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