The Quarto Group introduces new creative-craft market trend Scratch & Create

March 15, 2017

The Quarto Group are delighted to announce the launch of Scratch & Create, a new format and trend in the Adult creative-craft market.
This new series incorporates metallic ink layered over specially commissioned drawings or unique colourful backgrounds. By using a special stylus, you can scratch away the coating, uncovering beautiful, full colour finished artworks or you can create your own designs – from botanical illustrations to inspiring quotes crafted from the hand lettering stencils included.

All of the scratch pages are perforated and result in a finished piece of work – they can all be displayed, given as gifts, or in the case of the postcard books, also sent through the mail.

David Breuer, Chief Creative Officer, The Quarto Group says: ‘More and more adults are looking for creative activities that can help them unwind and relax. We believe people will enjoy these innovative products that offer new ways of stimulating the mind and exercising new skills’.

The Quarto Group was at the forefront of the global colouring phenomenon and has sold over 2 million colouring books worldwide. Scratch & Create, takes your creativity beyond colouring and lettering, encouraging you to unwind your mind and discover a new course of relaxation and creativity.

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Jessica Axe

Campaigns Director – Adult’s (UK)

The Quarto Group

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