Publishers Weekly Highlights Quarto Kids Books in Craft Story

August 4, 2015
Publishers Weekly reports in its Aug. 3 issue that “the maker trend has expanded the scope of juvenile crafts and hobbies to include technology projects like coding, but a ‘digital detox’ movement among parents – even those who don’t consider themselves crafts – is nurturing a continued enthusiasm for children’s hobby and craft titles.”

PW quoted Anne Lande, vice president and group publisher, who oversees Walter Foster Jr., who said that a desire by millennial working parents to give their children hands-on experiences, coupled with an increasing savvyness among children who understand what “quality” craft pojects look like means that parents are willing to spend more for quality books that offer sophisiticated creative companions to what can be found in online craft communities.

PW highlighted a couple of Walter Foster Jr. and Quarry Books in its story.