Redefining the Reading Experience

October 7, 2010

BOSTON, Oct 04, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- How far can the digital book go? What will our children experience when they read a page in their biology book? These are some of the questions that Moving Design's principle and co-founder, Rick Valicenti, in collaboration with Rockport Publishers, will be asking 24 interdisciplinary senior and graduate design students at the University of Illinois in a thought-provoking program called Tabula Rasa.

Tabula Rasa is the Latin for "blank slate." It is the idea that individuals are born without built-in mental content and that their knowledge comes from experience and perception. Begun in August and continuing on to November, students at the University have been invited to conceive, model, and envision the reading experience with commercial potential on the iPad platform with no guidelines--just a "blank slate." All the students will spend the first 6 weeks of the semester participating in design research and intense imagination of the e-book future experience. The research time will engage the students in their areas of interest and/or specialties. For example, graphic design student will design a 6 x 9 book which will document the Tabula Rasa experience in print; interactive design students will be challenged with creating the digital version of Tabula Rasa's journey; and animation students will create digital videos.

Each step of the design process, discussions, and discoveries will be posted on Tabula Rasa's website,, every week so that the public can follow along. Rockport Publishers will then publish a print and e-book version of the Tabula Rasa's experience in Fall 2011.

The goal of Tabula Rasa is two-fold, states Rick Valicenti: "Most importantly, it is a workshop environment designed to evolve the next generation into a self-motivated, innovated, thought leader. Secondly, our collective work will explore a very fresh vision for the future of the reading experience." Moving Design is a new model of passionate pedagogy residing at the intersection of experimentation, experience, and education. In the spirit of fusing design research and art' we create initiatives that bring together organizations, professionals, and students from different disciplines to present relevant new ideas to shape the public's point of view.

Founded by Rick Valicenti + John Pobojewski, Moving Design is focused on expanding the culture of design by mentoring the next design generation, and leading the discourse within the design profession. Through creative research initiatives on a collection of topics, Moving Design encourages innovation through experimentation, keen observation, and intense curiosity. Moving Design brings design initiatives to the public by creating partnerships between corporations, non-proits, research groups, government departments, and educational institutions, with the generous support of forward-thinking sponsors.

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