Motorbooks Title Offers Resource Following Motorcycle Club Shooting

May 25, 2015
Part of Motorbooks publishing program includes titles by and about motorcycle outlaw culture. Although the material is gritty, it is honest. These books play an important role in informing the reading public and - as we've seen in recent news reports - even mainstream media outlets.

The May shootout at a restaurant in Texas showed that little is known or understood about outlaw motorcycle-club culture. In fact, the Department of Justice had not heard of one of the clubs involved in these events leading CNN to turn to a Motorbooks title: The One Percenter Encyclopedia by Bill Hayes.

According to the CNN story: 'The Justice Department had no such synopsis for the Cossacks, but the book The One Percenter Encyclopedia: The World of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs from Abyss Ghosts to Zombies Elite , says they were founded in Texas in 1969 and have a major presence in Australia.'

The CNN version of the story has run on several news outlets following the incident.