Fair Winds Author Weighs in on New York Sugary Drink Ban

March 20, 2013
Deborah Kennedy, CEO of Build Healthy Kids and a co-author of Beat Sugar Addiction Now! For Kids , was one of the industry experts quoted in a recent NBC News story on New York City's proposed supersized soda ban.

'Kids are eating their weight in sugar every year,' Kennedy told NBC News. 'And sodas, energy drinks and sports drinks are the No. 1 source of sugar in kids' diets. The message we are sending is ‘Jump right in'. What it says when these drinks are available is ‘Party time'.'

Kennedy agrees that large sodas are a cause of the increase in Type-2 diabetes, and believes Americans need to be better educated about the damage they can do.

All these giant servings send a message to people that it's not only OK, but desirable to pig out, she says.

See more of Kennedy's thoughts about the sodas in the NBC story .