Newsday Recommends Steve McQueen: A Passion for Speed

January 31, 2012
According to Newsday, "There are books about famous movie stars and books about famous auto racers, but rarely do the two disciplines converge. Paul Newman is one example while Hollywood legend Steve McQueen is another."

In a review in the January 29, 2012, edition, Newsday continued, "Some of McQueen's better-known roles included the Mustang-driving detective in 'Bullitt' and the motorcycle-jumping POW in 'The Great Escape.' But it was his 1971 portrayal as Porsche-pilot Michael Delaney in 'Le Mans' where McQueen displayed his fanaticism for auto racing. Frederic Brun's book Steve McQueen: A Passion for Speed is full of behind the scenes photos of the actor / racer's obsession in front of the camera as well as participating in various racing events."