VegNews Craves Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites

September 9, 2011
Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites, by Celine Steen and Joni Marie Newman, has been selected by VegNews as an editors' pick in the October issue of the magazine.

Here's what the magazine had to say:

Let's get right to the point: wow-za. When this book arrived at our offices, our proverbial presses were stopped. Usually, a book comes in and we ooh and ahh over a few of the recipes, flip through the photos, and get back to work. Not so with Hearty Vegan Meals. Holy heck. Each page offers at least one thing that we can't wait to make, and some boast two or three. Take, for example, the two-page spread in the Down-Home Breakfasts section where you can find (no joke!) Chorizo and Egg Frittata opposite Coconut Creme Brulee Baked Oatmeal. Authors Steen and Newman are not messing around here. Despite the fact that the duo has also penned two other vegan cookbooks together (500 Vegan Recipes and The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions), we had to double check a few recipes just to make absolutely certain that no animal derived ingredients were slipped in here, as the recipes are that stunning. Kale Bagels? Bacon-Onion Biscuits? Cinnamon-Swirl Bread? Oh yes, all those and more appear in The Bottomless Bread Basket chapter. Are there also recipes for Cake Batter Ice Cream, Five-Cheese Baked Macaroni and Cheese, a Monte Cristo sandwich, Chorizo Flautas, and Altella Spread (an almond-based version of a certain famous chocolate-and-hazelnut spread)? Indeed. We'll say it again: wow-za!