Lessons from the Garden: Growing Great Kids and Relationships

May 22, 2013
When Duke and Becky Mossman decided to expand their family garden, they were interested in growing vegetables and berries and nuts. But they were also interested in growing great kids. Working the soil with kids is a way to teach a lot of things.

Mary Ann Newcomer, author of The Rocky Mountain Gardener's Handbook agrees, saying that gardening is about family and belonging and it naturally celebrates hard work.

See more in this story in the Salt Lake City Deseret News.

Straw Bale Gardening Got Start on Minnesota Farm

March 25, 2013
Joel Karsten has the seeds, fertilizer, soaker hose and straw bales ready to go.

Karsten uses the straw instead of soil. He considers growing with straw a breakthrough vegetable growing method. Karsten can grow vegetables earlier, anywhere and without weeding. It's become a gardening craze and led Karsten to write Straw Bale Gardens .

Read the AgriNews story about how the concept started on his family's Minnesota farm.

New York Times Lauds Straw Bale Gardens

March 21, 2013
For those not familiar with the technique, like New York Times writer Michael Tortorello, straw bale gardening sounds like a pretty improbable way to grow vegetables. But Joel Karsten, author of Straw Bale Gardens  for Cool Springs Press, has convinced Tortorello that the technique does work.

With his feature story about straw bale gardening in the New York Times, Tortorello is lauding Karsten's practice as a great way to garden for those who don't have dirt for planting.

Read the New York Times article that shows how a straw bale conditioned with fertilizer and water creates an ideal medium for growing plants.

The Edible Landscape Featured in Minneapolis StarTribune

February 6, 2013
Author Emily Tepe doesn't accept the old notion that food-producing plants should be segregated in their own plot. She advocates combining them freely with ornamentals to add color, texture and visual interest to beds and containers.

'I believe a yard can be both beautiful and productive,' she writes.

Tepe's book, The Edible Landscape , is published by Voyageur Press.

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A Great Book for Novice Gardeners

March 12, 2012
Gardening can be overwhelming to the beginner. But Katie Elzer-Peters, the author of Beginner's Illustrated Guide to Gardening, Techniques to Help You Get Started, says you should start slowly and build your way to the garden of your dreams.

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Chicago Tribune Selects Cool Springs Titles as Top Gifts

December 12, 2011
The Chicago Tribune has selected The Visitor's Guide to American Gardens and Garden Up! as two of its favorite gifts for gardeners this holiday season.  See the entire list here .

Garden Up! and Unfurling Make Amazon's Best Books of 2011 List

November 9, 2011
Two Quayside Publishing Group titles have made the Best Books of 2011 at Amazon.com.

In the Home and Garden Collection, Garden Up! by Susan Morrison and Rebecca Sweet for Cool Springs Press and Quarry Books' Unfurling by Misty Mawn were on the Top 10 list.

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Publishers Weekly Lauds Cool Springs Press QR Code Use

November 1, 2011
Cool Springs Press innovative use of Quick Response (QR) codes is the subject of a story in Publishers Weekly. The example discussed is The Visitor's Guide to American Gardens , which uses QR codes to send readers directly to each featured garden's website, keeping the book up-to-the-minute and preventing it from becoming outdated. See the story here .

LA Times and Houston Chronicle Join the Conversation on Garden Up!

September 9, 2011
The Los Angeles Times and Houston Chronicle are just two of dozens of newspapers across the country to weigh in on Garden Up!

The Times featured a Q&A with authors Susan Morrison and Rebecca Sweet on August 27.

The Chronicle article looked at the history of verticle gardening.

To see other interviews with the authors of Garden Up! and hear what the gardening industry has to say about the title, check out the "More" tab on the book page at Qbookshop.

Quayside Publishing Group Mourns Death of Roger Waynick

March 23, 2011
Ken Fund and the entire Quayside Publishing Group mourn the death of Roger Waynick, founder and publisher of Cool Springs Press. We extend our heartfelt condolences to the Waynick and Cool Springs Press families.