James 'Jim' Stringer
Description Description Until now there has been no in-depth book about the Austin 12/4. This most worthy of cars epitomised Herbert Austin’s philosophy that his cars demonstrate longevity, robust construction, sound engineering and good value for money.

Here we have the story behind the model’s introduction, contemporary press reports, early advertisements, from the first brochures issued up to 1934-35, the various body styles available. Those which were exported as chassis to New Zealand and Australia and then bodied locally are also included. The taxicabs have a section to themselves, as does the different coachwork available from various coachbuilders – including the work they undertook during the war.

When many cabs dating from the thirties were pensioned off in the early fifties, they took on many other roles, and Jim details some of them. Separate chapters are reserved for 12/4s which have earned their own special place in the Austin Twelve’s history; these include “Peggy”, the cab featured in the film Carry on Cabby, and “Gumdrop”, the tourer immortalised by the late Val Biro.

The Austin 12/4 has survived in respectable numbers, and if you are wondering why, Jim’s book will leave you in no doubt. Everything you need to know about the Heavy 12/4 Austin, including stories of restorations, is in this book. In 2022 we celebrate the centenary of the addition of this model to the Austin range.
Format Hardcover + Jacket 128 Pages
ISBN 9781914929007
Size8.26 in x 10.63 in / 209.80 mm x 270.00 mm
Published Date March 29th, 2022
James 'Jim' Stringer
Jim Stringer bought his first Austin, a 1935 10hp Lichfield, as a teenager, but once he passed his driving test he paid £35 for a 1929 six-cylinder 16-horsepower fabric bodied saloon – a car he still owns today. He quickly became a member of the Vintage Austin Register and has been a member for nearly 60 years. He has served on the committee in various roles including Honorary Secretary, Chairman and Editor of the Register’s quarterly magazine for 17 years, after which he was made a Life Member and Vice President back in the late 1990s. He has spent his retirement researching the history of the Austin Motor Company and has written several books, including the Austin Anthology series and Herbert Austin's Heavy Twelve-Four. The late Mike Worthington-Williams said, “No one is more qualified to write this book than Jim Stringer. I doubt if any living person knows more about the Austin Heavy 12/4 than he does."
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