The Vegan Baking Bible

The Vegan Baking Bible
Format: Hardback, 448 Pages
ISBN: 9781911682493
Publisher: Pavilion
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Karolina states that you shouldn’t have to compromise on flavour, texture and the look of your cake just because it’s vegan. Having become vegan over 10 years ago, she was horrified by the vegan bakes on offer, and spent the following years perfecting her recipes so that all the old baking favourites – from carrot cake and chocolate cookies to madeleines and muffins have been modernised and veganised – as well as creating new and exciting baking recipes that you would never guess were vegan.

In this ultimate bible, she also includes a comprehensive tips and techniques section with troubleshooting advice (including dairy alternatives and the miracle of aquafaba) and lots of practical photography to help the novice baker on their way.

Introduction: including tips and techniques
Cupcakes and muffins: including carrot, banana, pumpkin, chocolate, corn, vanilla
Basic Cakes: including lemon & yoghurt, poppyseed, genoise, tiger, almond, clementine, strawberry, caramel, apple, carrot, saffron
Traybakes: coffee, berry, cinnamon, chocolate, courgette
Layer cakes: princess, dark chocolate, chocolate fudge, carrot
Icings/Frostings: vanilla, chocolate, buttercream, mousse, caramel, ganache
Classics: Brownies, chocolate souffle, cheesecake, fruit cake
Cookies/Biscuits: chocolate chip, amaretti, biscotti, snickerdoodles, macaroons, meringues, gingerbread
Yeasted dough: cinnamon buns, brioche, bagels, chocolate bread, semlor

Never before has vegan baking been so easy, accessible and fun!

The author

Karolina Tegelaar has 15 vegan books to her name, which she has written over the last 10 years. She has collated all her favourite recipes into this bible, which won a prize for the Best Baking Cookbook of 2020 in Sweden (chosen by the gastronomic academy at the University of Karlstad). Karolina grew up on a farm and studied animal husbandry, which has led her to believe that being vegan is the only answer. She has a phD in biology and her scientific training has helped her methodically develope recipes that are perfect. Some of her recipes have been tested over 100 times.

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Format: Hardback, 448 Pages
ISBN: 9781911682493
Illustrations: Colour photography throughout of each recipe
Size: 6.693 in x 9.449 in / 170 mm x 240 mm

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