Subtitle A Field Guide to the World's Best Mezcals and Agave Spirits

Tom Bullock
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‘Before mezcal I knew tequila.  We danced together and had a good time.  Then I found mezcal and we not only danced but we talked and talked.  As a lover of whisky, mezcal was an easy step for me.  And Tom is the person to tell you all about it.’

Thomasina Miers, author and chef-owner of Wahaca restaurant chain  


‘Thomas, aside from having one of the early great beards of NYC, played some of the finest music ever to crawl into my drunken ears. He retains the same intimidating and generous approach to mezcal: know everything worth knowing about a subject, avoid the garbage, love it, and share.’

James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem


The definitive guide to Mexico's best kept secret; Mezcal. Unlike its infamous offspring tequila, until recently you would have had to take a trip to Mexico to try this intriguing spirit. But with ‘Mezcalerias’ popping up everywhere from New York City to London, Tokyo and beyond, and mezcal increasingly seen on the menus of the most discerning and hippest bars, the agave plant-based alcohol is the cool new drink taking the world by storm. Embark on a regional tour of Mexico and discover local mezcal gems in this illustrated guide to the best 'mezcalerias' (mezcal bars) in the world, then work your way through more than 30 cocktail recipes from the world’s best mezcal bartenders.  From backyard heroes to big names, this is a comprehensive guide fwith over 100 varieties of mezcal, complete with a tasting wheel to help explain the subtleties of this intriguing drink and make you a connoisseur in no time.
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Format Hardcover Book 224 Pages
ISBN 9781911127154
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Published Date November 30th, 2017
Tom Bullock
British-born DJ and music producer, Thomas Bullock, has played and recorded around the world. While touring Mexico in 2006 he was poured his first mezcal and experienced a major connection with the drink. Taking up the cause, he became the first distributor in the UK and EU dedicated solely to mezcal, gaining a good reputation within the mezcal community at home and abroad. This, coupled with his passion and understanding of the plants and culture, led to him giving talks and tastings on the subject and organising events for The Mezcal Circle Club that use his music and art connections to promote and explain the qualities of mezcal.
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