Subtitle Inventive Small Spaces, from Chic Shacks to Cabins and Caravans

Vinny Lee
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There is an enormous pleasure in having a place where you can get away from it all, a small intimate space where you can live out your fantasies or simply indulge a passion. This could be a boat moored on an urban waterway or a wilderness shack miles from anywhere, lost among nature.

The book is divided into two main sections, with a wealth of case studies showing a fantastic selection of individual homes from home. Huts and Hideways includes low-impact buildings, often constructed to blend with their surroundings, made of materials sympathetic to their environment. They include cabins made from wood, metal and stone or carved from the landscape itself, to treehouses perched in leafy heights. The second section Homes to Go covers mobile or moveable accommodation, providing temporary shelter in various locations, from vintage shepherd’s huts and gleaming airtstream trailors to bell tents and  tipis and sleek and compact boats.

Format Hardcover Book 208 Pages
ISBN 9781906417987
Size9.06 in x 9.84 in / 230.00 mm x 250.00 mm
Published Date September 19th, 2013
Vinny Lee
Vinny Lee is a writer and stylist specializing in interior lifestyle features, who also broadcasts on television and radio. She is Interiors Editor of The Times magazine and had written several books on design, including The Colourful Home, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Recycled Spaces, Innovative Interiors and The Spiritual Home. She was awarded Newspaper and Supplements Stylist of the Year in 2001. She lives in  London.
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