Wild Jewellery Materials • Techniques • Inspiration

Wild Jewellery by Sarah Drew

Materials • Techniques • Inspiration

Format: Hardback, 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781906417796
Publisher: Jacqui Small
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Statement jewellery has become a staple in the modern wardrobe - nothing can lift an outfit more than a fabulous necklace or a stunning dress ring. But if you are unwilling to pay designer prices, and would prefer to have a truly unique item that is personal to you, crafted from an array of natural materials, why not make your own?

Sarah Drew guides you through the discovery and selection process of sourcing decorative ingredients - whether beachcombing for sea string and driftwood, harvesting seed heads, cones and feathers from the woods, or foraging for brightly coloured discarded plastic in the city. She then gives detailed instructions on how to create beautiful pieces from your finds, such as a sea plastic cocktail ring, a driftwood deco tiara, a leaf bracelet or found-metal bead necklaces.

A wide range of jewellery-making techniques include wirework, threading, beading, crocheting, soldering, making clasps and head pins, riveting, working with resin, silver-chain making, using precious metal clay, working with tube metal, applying silver inlays, ring making, working with Fimo clay, recycling paper for bead making and making claw settings.

Sarah Drew teaches at the Mid-Cornwall School of Jewellery, St Austell College, and West Dean College. She sells her jewellery through galleries, fashion boutiques and bridal shops, as well as directly from her website, www.sarahdrew.com. Sarah has supplied her jewellery to stores such as Liberty, Harrods and Browns Brides in London, and her work is frequently presented in major fashion magazines. She is the author of Junk-Box Jewellery: 25 Inspirational Budget Projects.
Format: Hardback, 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781906417796
Size: 8.74 in x 8.74 in / 222 mm x 222 mm

Definitely encourages you to think outside the box! Although I was a little sceptical before I opened the book, the designs really work!