Side Glances, Volume 3

Side Glances, Volume 3 by Peter Egan


Format: Trade Paperback , 132 Pages
ISBN: 9781855206373
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A companion book to our two previous volumes but covering the next five years of Peter's Road & Track "Side Glances" columns.

Stories include "Decline of the low-cost cult car", "Romance and the motor car", "Buy a race car and see the world", "Car repair for near-idiots", "Morgans, old MGs and the wooden canoe".
Peter Egan is one of the most readable writers in the motorcycle enthusiast world. His work first appeared in Cycle World magazine in 1977, and he has been a regular fixture there ever since. Peter lives near Madison, Wisconsin with his wife, Barb, a houseful of dogs and cats, and a garage filled with motorcycles, cars, and the sound set for his garage blues band.
Format: Trade Paperback , 132 Pages
ISBN: 9781855206373
Illustrations: B&W Ill: 100 - Color Ill: 100
Size: 8 in x 11 in x 0.375 in / 203 mm x 279 mm x 10 mm