Suzuki SJ 1971-97 Gold Portfolio

Suzuki SJ 1971-97 Gold Portfolio
Format: Paperback / softback, 172 Pages
ISBN: 9781855204706
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Suzuki was a late starter in the world of four-wheel drive and catered mainly for the 4x4 market in South-East Asia. The SJ models introduced in the early 1980s replaced the earlier LJs. Demand in Europe was high so an agreement was reached with Santana in Spain who built the Suzukis which were sold in European markets. At the end of the 1980s a bigger engine was introduced together with a five-speed gearbox and a long-wheelbase derivative added to the SJ's versatility. This is a book of contemporary road and comparison tests, new model introductions, specification and technical data, touring, off roading, buying second hand. Models covered include: Brute, IV, LJ50, LJ80V, LJ81, Sierra, SJ41OP, SJ410 Q, SJ410QX, JX, Samurai, Samurai JX, SJ413K Pick-up, Santana, SJ413JX, Janspeed, Allard, LWB SJ413.

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Format: Paperback / softback, 172 Pages
ISBN: 9781855204706
Illustrations: B&W Ill: 300
Size: 8 in x 10.75 in x 0.375 in / 203.2 mm x 273.05 mm x 9.525 mm

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