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Philippe Guyony
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Very few motorcycles have carved a mark in history like the Vincent V-twin, from its arrival in 1946 and up to the present day. On the road, in club racing, in drag races, or competing for land speed records, it dominated the motorcycle world, leading to the famous catchphrase coined by the factory: "The World's Fastest Standard Motorcycle." It was a FACT - NOT a slogan. Images such as that of Rollie Free, in swimming trunks, laying flat on his works-modified Black Shadow and taking the American motorcycle land speed record at Bonneville in 1948, have now passed into posterity. In fact, the big Vincent was so ahead of its time, that it continued to compete successfully - almost arrogantly - in racing until the mid-1970s, against modern bikes. No other motorcycle in the world can claim this kind of achievement.

Following the premature ending of Vincent production, Fritz Egli's 1967 Egli-Vincent was the first chassis completely redesigned for a Vincent in 21 years. Egli's machine inspired numerous builders for several generations and this book traces, holistically, the story of all those motorcycles in the broad context of the classic and modern history of the Vincent.

Understand how the flame of passion still burns brightly today.

Format Hardcover Book 400 Pages
ISBN 9781845849023
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Published Date December 1st, 2016
Philippe Guyony

Born in France in 1961, Philippe Guyony graduated in business from the universities of Valenciennes in the Nord-Pas de Calais, and Bloomington in Indiana

Philippe now leads a marketing organisation in the American power generation industry. Motorcycles have been part of his life from one magic day in August 1971, when he became a passenger on his uncle's BMW R60/2. Riding since 1978, he acquired his first Vincent in 1994.

Philippe is a perfectionist in everything he does, so with his enthusiasm and passion for the subject of Vincent, it was only natural that he created a blog focused on the Egli-Vincent.

His knowledge and experience of Vincent, combined with extensive primary research, has culminated in this keystone book.

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