Subtitle Covers CB350, 400, 500, 550, 650 & 750, SOHC Fours 1969-1982 - YOUR step-by-step colour illustrated guide to complete restoration

Ricky Burns
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In 1969 Honda launched a motorcycle that many consider to be the world’s first superbike. The Honda CB750 had the first mass-produced 4-cylinder inline engine, a single overhead camshaft with four carburettors, a 4-into-4 exhaust system, and came with electric start and front disc brakes as standard. This specification set the bar higher than ever before on a production motorcycle, and led to other Japanese manufacturers introducing their own 4-cylinder models.

Following the success of the original CB750, Honda went on to produce a range of motorcycles using SOHC 4-cylinder engines. All with their own characteristics, they proved to be reliable and smooth running, and even today, with the correct care, can offer reliable transport on modern roads.

Now, with some examples over 40 years old, many enthusiasts wish to restore these classic machines. This book will guide the enthusiast through a full restoration of these fine classic motorcycles.

Format Trade Paperback 176 Pages
ISBN 9781845847463
Size8.00 in x 11.00 in x 0.50 in / 203.20 mm x 279.40 mm x 12.70 mm
Published Date November 1st, 2014
Ricky Burns

Growing up in the early 1970s, surrounded by Yamahas, Hondas, Suzukis and Kawasakis, Ricky Burns had no choice but to fall in love with motorcycles.Since those early days, he has oiled, maintained, fixed (and broken for parts) many fine specimens of now classic motorcycles but, nowadays, he tends to restore them, rather than break them.Having personally restored many classic motorcycles, from small Yamaha two-strokes, to large Honda Goldwings, he has now decided to share his restoration experiences with like-minded enthusiasts.

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