Subtitle Understanding the canine psyche

Gill Garratt, Tom Walters
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Your dog and you ... understanding the canine psyche examines the relationship between people and dogs from a psychological perspective, incorporating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Uniquely, this is the first time that CBT has been used to help owners relate to their dogs. A dog's behavior can be a reflection of the emotions an owner may be experiencing; it follows that insight into our behavior using CBT to reduce emotional unrest will, in turn, be reflected in a dog's behavior. Dogs have had to become experts at reading people in order to live with us. By understanding our dog and how he responds to us, we can comprehend more about our world and how our dog sees us. Dogs are naturally expert psychologists, and have, over centuries, been bred and domesticated to live harmoniously with us. That they have - in the main - achieved this so well reflects this amazing animal's ingenuity.

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Published Date May 1st, 2015
Gill Garratt

Gill Garratt is a psychologist and specialist in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), a popular and practical approach in psychological therapy. She has used CBT in industry, business, education, health services, prisons and cruise ships. Gill is also a dog lover, having been brought up with dogs as part of a large family in northern England. She studied biology for her first degree, specialising in evolutionary patterns in animals, and recognises that the success with which dogs live with people is global. Sometimes we encounter difficulties in life, work and relationships; CBT can help reduce the emotional impact of these struggles on ourselves, and, in turn, our relationship with our dog.

Tom Walters

A professional photographer based in Cornwall, Tom Walters is self-taught, with years of experience shooting a wide range of subjects. Specialising in nature and wildlife photography, his passion is the wild world and the animals within it reflected in the capt

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