500 Wines for 100 Occasions

500 Wines for 100 Occasions
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Format: Hardback, 256 Pages
ISBN: 9781845435318
Publisher: Apple Press
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The great joy of wine lies in its diversity. No other drink offers such a range of flavours, styles, and textures, from the basics of red, white, and sparkling, to all the many variations that come with region, grape variety, and winemaking style. With that great range comes unique versatility—no matter the budget, mood, food, or company, no matter how trivial or important the event, there is a wine for every occasion.


Finding the right bottle can lift the everyday into something special, or bring that extra magic ingredient to one of life’s big events.

Attractively designed and easy to navigate, 500 Wines for 100 Occasions is your guide to finding the right bottles for 100 of life’s occasions. It provides a fun but informative way of fitting wine with your changing needs. Whether you’re organizing a birthday party or a wedding, looking for something to clinch a first date or seal that elusive deal, matching all foods from classic French to curry, welcoming the in-laws or impressing the wine snob, or just looking to enjoy a family dinner or Christmas at home, this comprehensive guide has the wine for you.


Clear and consistent graphic signposting, and an engaging, vivid layout, allow the reader to dip into the book as needed, or sit down and enjoy it as a longer armchair read. The book features 500 wine recommendations: five inspired wine ideas are described for each occasion—a top pick, plus four other imaginative alternatives such as budget choice, low-alcohol choice, adventurer’s choice, exotic choice, or money-no-object choice. All wines are widely available in the UK and respected wine search websites (snooth.com and wine-searcher.com) will be prominently listed, to aid sourcing of nearby retail stockists.


In 500 Wines for 100 Occasions  the award-winning Fine Wine Editions team bring their characteristic skill and authoritative, pithy content to a wider readership. The book allows the wine novice to develop confidence and enjoy delightful wines. This guide is aimed at the person who enjoys dining, but looks for a way to deal masterfully with choice stress around selecting wine. Never patronizing, nor didactic, the book promotes wine for sharing and celebration, and several of the events involve a lighter touch or humorous twist.


With expert advice from renowned chefs and sommeliers on matching food and wine, and insider tips and information on some of the world’s best wines, 500 Wines for 100 Occasions takes a new approach to wine publishing, providing a practical guide to entertaining with wine that places this very special drink firmly in the context of everyday life.


The author

DAVID WILLIAMS was taught to love wine by his father, and has been lucky enough to make his living drinking and writing about it for much of his adult life. He is currently the wine correspondent of The Observer newspaper, the deputy editor of the multi-award-winning The World of Fine Wine, and a member of the British wine website, thewinegang.com. His work has also appeared in The Guardian, Time Out, and a number of special wine titles. He lives in East Anglia with his wife, two children, dog, and an ever-expanding brood of chickens.

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Format: Hardback, 256 Pages
ISBN: 9781845435318
Illustrations: Colour illustrations through out.
Size: 7.48 in x 9.646 in / 190 mm x 245 mm

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