Legendary Guitarists & Their Guitars

Legendary Guitarists & Their Guitars by Dom Kiris

Format: Paperback / softback, 128 Pages
ISBN: 9781845433857
Publisher: Aurum Press
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Beautifully details the guitars played by all the greats—Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Kurt Cobain, Jack White, Lemmy, Maybelle Carter, Thurston Moore, Emmylou Harris, Bo Diddley, and many more
What is it about the Gibson Les Paul, the Fender Stratocaster, the Martin D-28s, the Höfner violin bass, or any of the other electric or acoustic masterpieces that has made them such icons of the 20th century? It is not just because these guitars are great works of art, but above all because they gave music, whether rock, folk, or blues, that special something extra—a unique way of hitting or holding a note, a particular tone created by the shape of a guitar’s neck or body, its pickups, its very structure. These guitars also became so legendary because they won over the great guitar players who often remained faithful to them throughout their careers. There was B. B. King and his Gibson ES 335, nicknamed Lucille; Jimi Hendrix and his Stratocaster; George Harrison and his electric 12-string Rickenbacker; and Jimmy Page and his Les Paul. This stunning book takes a detailed look at the greatest guitars and basses ever made, not forgetting the amps and effects units, which have become just as famous in their own right. Each spread includes a photo of the guitar featured, its history, trade secrets, recommended listening, original album artwork, and information about the legendary guitarists who played it.
Dom Kiris hosts a daily radio show in France on which he invites famous guitarists to play acoustic live sessions and interviews them. He is also a songwriter who regularly records with his own band.
Format: Paperback / softback, 128 Pages
ISBN: 9781845433857
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