Kitchen Knife Skills

Kitchen Knife Skills by Marianne Lumb

Techniques for Carving, Boning, Slicing, Chopping, Dicing, Mincing, Filleting

Format: Hardback, 176 Pages
ISBN: 9781845433345
Publisher: Apple Press
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Good knife skills are the most important ingredient in every recipe – knowing the right knife to use for each task, and how to use it, will make your cooking faster, safer, stylish and fun. Whether you are dicing an onion, filleting a fish, shucking an oyster or slicing melba toast, this book will tell you which knife to use and the correct method of preparation to enable professional results.

Step-by-step photographs and instructions will teach you how to prepare anything in the kitchen, from chopping chives finely and making pineapple rings to a trimmed rack of lamb and shredded duck. Standard professional techniques used by chefs the world over are shown in detail, allowing you to work quickly, stylishly and tackle anything your kitchen throws at you.

About the author
Marianne Lumb is an internationally renowned chef. In 2009, she reached the finals of BBC’s MasterChef The Professionals Series 2, wowing London’s trickiest food critics and chefs. She is a former teacher at Leiths School of Food and Wine (London), a food consultant and a member of the Guild of Food Writers. She lives in London.

Format: Hardback, 176 Pages
ISBN: 9781845433345
Size: 7.992 in x 7.992 in / 203 mm x 203 mm