Do You Think That’s Wise…?

Do You Think That’s Wise…? by Graham McCann

The Life of John Le Mesurier

Format: Paperback / softback, 352 Pages
ISBN: 9781845137908
Publisher: Aurum Press
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Best known for Dad’s Army, in which his Sergeant Wilson played the languid, rakish foil to Arthur Lowe’s pompous, chippy Captain Mainwaring, John Le Mesurier was one of Britain’s favourite and most recognisable character actors.

The epitome of insouciance and languor on screen, in real life this charming, quietly-spoken bon viveur was plagued by private turmoil and heartbreak. Married three times, he saw his first wife succumb to alcoholism, his second – the comedy diva Hattie Jacques – move her lover into the family home, and his third enjoy a passionate dalliance with troubled comic Tony Hancock.

As Graham McCann reveals in this fully authorised and moving biography, as an actor John Le Mesurier was a key ingredient in the success of Britain’s greatest sitcom, but as a man he was far more courageous than Sergeant Wilson was ever meant to be.

Format: Paperback / softback, 352 Pages
ISBN: 9781845137908
Size: 7.756 in x 5.079 in / 197 mm x 129 mm

'Graham McCann’s book is an affectionate, enthralling account of this laid-back gentleman of whom Dad’s Army writer Jimmy Perry said: ‘He just swanned through life’