Rock Explorer: Minerals

Rock Explorer: Minerals by Claudia Martin

Format: Paperback / softback, 24 Pages
ISBN: 9781784939649
Publisher: QED Publishing
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With stunning photos on every page and informative, relevant captions, this book answers essential questions such as how and where minerals form; why some are rarer than others; how they are mined and how they are used to advance technology. Plus there are fun and important facts, such as if you pass electricity through quartz, it shakes at a regular pace – which is why many watches contain a tiny quartz crystal, to keep them ticking evenly.  And did you know rhodium is far more expensive than gold (it is used in cars’ catalytic converters, which cut down the pollution from exhausts). Plus, find out what gives some minerals their fabulous colours and why some form intricate patterns and shapes.

Claudia Martin is the author of many children's books and has worked in publishing for over 20 years. Her favourite subjects include geography, history, animals and technology. Recent books published are titles in the My Little Book of... series,  History Detectives: London, Makerspace Survival and Robot Pioneers.

Format: Paperback / softback, 24 Pages
ISBN: 9781784939649
Size: 8.268 in x 9.449 in / 210 mm x 240 mm

What is a Mineral? 4

How Minerals Grow 6

Amazing Crystals 8

Bright and Beautiful 10

Shining Metals 12

Strange and Powerful 14

Most Deadly 16

Hunting for Minerals 18

Useful Minerals 20

Mineral Guide 22

Glossary 23

Index 24