Does Your Dad Roar?

Does Your Dad Roar?
Illustrated by:
Format: Board book, 8 Pages
ISBN: 9781784937744
Publisher: words & pictures
Series: Little Faces
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Watch the animals’ faces move and change before your very eyes, in this fun and interactive board book! Clever paper technology and playful storytelling will amaze young children as they watch lion, monkey, parrot and bear’s faces change… as if by magic. The perfect boredom-buster for when you're stuck indoors.
Frog is lost, looking for his dad. What sound does Frog's dad make? Maybe he whoops or squawks or growls? This funny and exciting story is great for helping little ones to explore animals and their noises, especially as by simply turning the page they can see the animals facial expressions change right in front of them! Parrot looks quiet but when the page is turned her beaks open and she’s suddenly squawking! Small children love to read books about animals and to see animal characteristics displayed through their sounds and expressions. 

The Little Faces board book series encourages children to get involved in the animal characters and situations they’re in, while offering satisfying and funny twists at the end. Simply by turning the page, the special paper movement causes the animals’ expressions to change from sad to happy, tearful to joy, quiet to noisy! The effect is both fun and exciting, and an effective way of both enhancing storytelling and learning about different facial expressions and the emotions they convey.

Little Faces books are guaranteed to become firm family favourites, with little ones wanting to watch the faces change again and again! Don't forget to check the other books in the series as well: 
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The author

Carles Ballesteros was born in Badalona, near Barcelona, in 1977. He now lives in Santiago de Chile and has lived there since 2011, where he teaches illustration classes at the local University and works as an illustrator for various publishers. Carles uses a mixture of traditional drawing skills with digital techniques to create his work.

Matthew Morgan is a children’s author and editor who lives in London with his wife, three children, and dog. He loves making books that are fun and that open a child’s imagination to the world around them. 

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Format: Board book, 8 Pages
ISBN: 9781784937744
Size: 5.669 in x 5.669 in / 144 mm x 144 mm