The Book of Beetles

The Book of Beetles by Patrice Bouchard and Yves Bousquet

A Life-Size Guide to Six Hundred of Nature's Gems

Format: Hardback, 656 Pages
ISBN: 9781782400493
Publisher: Ivy Press
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More than one fifth of all known life forms on this planet are beetles. They are extraordinarily visually diverse: renowned British geneticist JBS Haldane, when asked what could be inferred about God from a study of His works, replied, An inordinate fondness for beetles. The Book of Beetles uncovers 600 significant examples, selected as part of a genome program. They are shown in glorious photographs, life size and in detail, alongside an engraving offering a side or open-winged view. Each profile includes a population distribution map, a table of essential information, and a commentary revealing notable characteristics, related species, and a diagnosis of the specimens importance in terms of taxonomy, rarity, behaviour, and scientific significance. Arranged taxonomically, this essential reference reveals the variety and importance of beetles for the first time.
Format: Hardback, 656 Pages
ISBN: 9781782400493
Illustrations: Illustrated in colour throughout
Size: 10.63 in x 7.087 in / 270 mm x 180 mm