Subtitle The History of a Modern Myth

David Clarke
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A history of the various manifestations and shifting meaning of the Twentieth Century's single great contribution to mythology: the UFO.

Neither a credulous work of conspiracy theory nor a sceptical debunking of belief in 'flying saucers', How UFOs Conquered the World explores the origins of UFOs in the build-up to the First World War and how reports of them have changed in tandem with world events, science and culture. The book will also explore the overlaps between UFO belief and religion and superstition.

Format Hardcover Book 320 Pages
ISBN 9781781313039
Size5.31 in x 8.50 in / 135.00 mm x 216.00 mm
Published Date July 15th, 2015
David Clarke
DR. DAVID CLARKE, is one of Britain's leading writers on folklore and mythology and in recent years he has acted as a consultant and spokesperson for The National Archives during the release of the Ministry of Defence's files on investigations into UFO 'sightings' under the Freedom of Information Act. As such he appears regularly in print for major national newspapers, and on air for programmes such as BBC Radio 4's Today and BBC 2's Timewatch. He lives in Leeds.
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