How Could We Harness a Hurricane?

How Could We Harness a Hurricane? by Vicki Cobb

Format: Hardback, 48 Pages
ISBN: 9781633222465
Publisher: Seagrass Press
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A hurricane is
a huge windstorm,
the largest kind
on the planet.
All hurricanes are made of three essential things we can't live without: air, water and energy.

How do these three essential things for life become something that can kill us and destroy property?

Scientists who study weather understand that there is no quick or easy answer to this question. Engineers use the knowledge we get from science to design solutions to problems—and a hurricane is a BIG problem.

No one has yet designed ways to weaken a hurricane or steer it to someplace where it can die a natural death without harming people or property.But this doesn’t mean that people haven’t been thinking about it and imagining what could work.

This book tells the story.

Legendary science author Vicki Cobb, creates clear explanations of air pressure, energy and wind, how hurricanes are actually formed, and the significance of the "eye." And like Vicki's other award-winning titles, this book leads youngsters to learn by asking questions, and encouraging "think tank" ideas that lead to valuable insights about our planet, and the work behind solving one of its most devastating storms..

How Can We Harness A Hurricane? offers questions and provides possible alternatives. It shows youngsters how scientists and engineers are working today, to help avoid future disasters. More importantly, Vicki Cobb shares hands-on experiments that make science fun--at home, in the classroom and everywhere in between.

Vicki Cobb is the author of more than 85 highly entertaining nonfiction books for children. Ever since 1972, when Science Experiments You Can Eat was first published, Cobb's lighthearted approach to hands-on science has become her trademark for getting kids involved in experiences that create real learning. It is no surprise that she is known as the "Julia Child of hands-on science." Today's popular buzzwords in education, "hands-on science," "experimental learning," "outcome-based," "multi-disciplinary," and "critical thinking," are embodied in Vicki Cobb's work. Vicki has performed "Science Surprises," her interactive and engrossing show for kids, in 49 of the 50 states and internationally. She uses her expertise, humor, wit, and background as an educator to inspire teachers to make teaching science the high point of their day. She is president and founder of InkThinkTank, LLC, a company that focuses on the contribution that nonfiction literature and its authors can make to education. She contributes to three blogs: Interesting Nonfiction for Kids, Education Update, and the Huffington Post. In 2012, Vicki received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Visit to learn more.

Format: Hardback, 48 Pages
ISBN: 9781633222465
Illustrations: 66 color photos and illustrations
Size: 8.5 in x 10 in / 215.9 mm x 254 mm
"If you agree with me that outstanding science books pique the readers’ curiosity, involve them in thinking about unanswered questions, reveal past and on-going research, raise questions that don’t have simple answers, and invite them to be part of solution, then this is a book you can confidently share with children. I know I will."--Myra Zarnowski, Queens College, CUNY