Painting the Impressionistic Landscape

Painting the Impressionistic Landscape by Dustan Knight

Exploring Light and Color in Watercolor and Acrylic

Format: Paperback / softback, 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781631591389
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Master the impressionist painting style with Painting the Impressionistic Landscape!

The Impressionist movement that began 130 years ago set artists free to experiment outdoors, capturing the fleeting effects and many moods of sunlight in their paintings by juxtaposing contrasting colors. Although those colors may not actually be apparent in nature, on canvas and paper they appear spontaneous and naturalistic. The skill is in knowing how to select and apply them. Impressionistic painting has not remained static over the decades. Artist Dustan Knight walks you through the techniques to achieving brilliant effects in a contemporary style. Using easy to work with watercolor and acrylic, she demonstrates through her own paintings, as well as others she has selected, the step-by-steps for dramatic atmospheric vistas and intimate garden landscapes.

Dustan Knight is a professional artist, educator, and art writer. She earned her Masters in Fine Art from Pratt Institute in New York and her MA in Art History from Boston University. She is a recipient of a New Hampshire State Fellowship for the arts, a MacDowell Colony residency, and a Cummington Artist Colony residency. Dustan is represented by galleries across the United States, including Art Three in Manchester, New Hampshire, the Ogunquit Art Association in Maine, and Alpers Fine Art in Andover, Massachusetts. She's a contributing writer to Art New England and gives demonstrations and workshops in watercolor, art business, and art history.

Format: Paperback / softback, 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781631591389
Illustrations: 250 color photos
Size: 8 in x 10 in / 203.2 mm x 254 mm
Approaches and Impressions
Tools and Materials
Painting the Woods
Demonstration: Painting the Woods in Watercolor
            The Approach
            Pencil Sketch the Experience
            Watercolor Sketches
            In the Studio
Special Watercolor Technique: Lifting with a Thirsty Brush
Demonstration: Painting the Woods in Acrylic
Getting Ready
            In the Studio
Painting Flowers from the Garden
Who Doesn’t Love Flowers?
Demonstration: Painting Flowers in Watercolor
            Starting to Pencil Sketch
            On-site Watercolor
            In the Studio
            Getting Ready for Studio Watercolor
            Special Technique for Watercolor and Acrylic: Plastic Wrap
            Creating Texture
Demonstration: Painting Flowers in Acrylic
            Setting Up
Painting the Rocks and Sea
 Demonstration: Painting the Rocks and Sea in Watercolor
            Choosing the Site
            Photographs to Start
            The Nature of Rocks
            In the Studio
            Getting Ready
            Design, Value, Color
            Special Watercolor Technique: Scraping for Texture
            Capturing a Moment
Demonstration: Painting the Rocks and Sea in Acrylic
            Getting Ready
            Building Up Texture on the Rocks
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