The Art and Craft of Tea

The Art and Craft of Tea by Joseph Wesley Uhl

An Enthusiast's Guide to Selecting, Brewing, and Serving Exquisite Tea

Format: Hardback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781631590498
Publisher: Quarry Books
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Let Joseph Wesley Uhl be your guide to the entire world of tea; from peeks into tea production around the world to brewing your own blends at home.

"Water is the mother of tea, a teapot its father, and fire the teacher." -- Chinese Proverb

As one of the most consumed beverages in the world, a cup of tea is a common shared experience across cultures and traditions. Companies and consumers alike are reawakening to the benefits of high-quality, unprocessed, natural beverages, and tea is a perfect obsession for anyone interested in artisan food and healthy eating.

In The Art and Craft of Tea, entrepreneur and enthusiast Joseph Wesley Uhl brings to the story of tea its due reverence, making its history, traditions, and possibilities accessible to all. If you want to go beyond reading and enter your kitchen, Joseph offers "recipes" for creating your own tea blends using natural ingredients.

Inside you'll find:

- A detailed overview of tea's history and origins

- Thoughtful descriptions of global brewing methods

- Innovative ideas for iced tea, tea cocktails, and DIY blends.

Attorney, entrepreneur and tea aficionado Joseph Wesley Uhl is the founder of a line of carefully crafted, single-origin, estate-grown teas, Joseph Wesley Black Tea. Featuring seven uniquely handcrafted teas, Joseph Wesley Black Tea teas are grown by some of the world's most noted growers in the most renowned tea-producing regions in the world.

Format: Hardback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781631590498
Illustrations: 200
Size: 8 in x 10 in x 0.875 in / 203.2 mm x 254 mm x 22.225 mm

"The Art and Craft of Tea arrived today. It is engrossing and visually stunning! I think it's the new standard for Tea books." NY Tea Blogger - Notes on Tea

"I have a lot of tea books. A ridiculous amount of tea books and this one is by far the most thoughtful to its readers and well thought out in its design" - Jonathan Kung - owner and Proprieter of Kung-Food

May 20, 2016
The Art and Craft of Tea was one of five publications nominated as best tea publication of 2016 by the World Tea Awards. The winner will be announced during the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas on Wednesday June 15. Read More.