Weird & Wacky Contraption Lab

Weird & Wacky Contraption Lab by SmartLab

Format: General merchandise
ISBN: 9781603801300
Publisher: SmartLab Toys
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Standing over two feet tall, the Weird & Wacky Contraption Lab has over 60 mix-and-match pieces to build an unlimited number of contraptions! Kids can dream up crazy courses, then build and test them using this easy-to-construct, Velcro-like system.

Weird & Wacky Contraption Lab includes five play modes, each requiring different levels of complexity. By setting of a series of chain reactions, you’ll master Pigs in Space, Got Time to Clean?, Having Funnel Yet?, Trashcan Tipper!, and Gear Up for Fun!

By experimenting with different configurations, kids will learn basic scientific principles like gravity, momentum, and velocity.
Format: General merchandise
ISBN: 9781603801300