1,000 Food Art and Styling Ideas

1,000 Food Art and Styling Ideas by Ari Bendersky

Mouthwatering Food Presentations from Chefs, Photographers, and Bloggers from Around the Globe

Format: Flex-Bind, 320 Pages
ISBN: 9781592538591
Series: 1000 Series
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Whether you're a food photographer or a food lover, this book is sure to inspire you to create visually stunning dishes. 1,000 Food Art & Styling Ideas beautifully showcases 1,000 of the best food art presentations from around the world. From Italy to China to the United States, the photos highlight the best food art presentations each country has to offer, submitted by professional photographers, food stylists, chefs, and food bloggers. The succulent images will make your mouth water and inspire your next photo shoot - whether it's a basic plate of pasta or a table full of pastries and parfaits. You'll learn new techniques for staging your food to make it an out-of-world experience for your guests. This is a visual showcase designed to provide endless inspiration for anyone who loves food, styling, and photography.

Ari Bendersky, a longtime food and wine writer, is currently the director of content for Abe's Market, an e-commerce site that sources the best natural, organic, and sustainable products. Prior to joining Abe's, Ari was the founding editor of˙Eater Chicago˙and built it into the No. 1 destination for restaurant news in Chicago. He has also covered music, lifestyle, travel and more, writing for the New York Times, Associated Press,˙RollingStone.com, Chicago magazine, Time Out Chicago,˙Saveur.com˙and more.
Format: Flex-Bind, 320 Pages
ISBN: 9781592538591
Series: 1000 Series
Illustrations: 1,000 color photos
Size: 9 in x 9 in / 229 mm x 229 mm
There's a distinct pleasure in visually capturing a subject that communicates primarily through smell and taste-and I'm certainly not the only one whose search for perfect ingredients is matched by a pursuit for the perfect angle. I was a wannabe photographer before I ever knew how to cook, and taking pictures in the kitchen has been an important means of honing both my culinary and artistic skills. However, it sometimes happens that I go to photograph a plate and come up with nothing worth sharing. For those times, I'm happy to be able to turn to 1,000 Food Art and Styling Ideas, an exhaustive resource of visual inspiration for the amateur and professional photographer alike. It contains no text save a brief introduction, so the focus, page after page, is on the unique presentation of a thousand colorful, gorgeous dishes. If I'm ever looking for ideas on how to plate and capture seafood, I'll flip to the book's "Sea" chapter; for visual storytelling, I'll turn to "Narrative"; and for the perfect way to style a big batch of cookies I'll leaf through "Multiples." One thing's certain: My Instagram account is about to get a serious upgrade. -Zoe Schaeffer, saveur.com