Knot Thread Stitch

Knot Thread Stitch by Lisa Solomon

Exploring Creativity through Embroidery and Mixed Media

Format: Trade Paperback , 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781592537723
Publisher: Quarry Books
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Knot Thread Stitch presents a modern, experimental, and creative approach to thread and embroidery projects. You'll find fun and surprising project ideas, a unique artistic approach, and uncoventional mixed-media materials such as stamps, paint, sequins, paper, and shrinky dinks. These projects are designed to be quick, fun, abstract, and creative, and many offer clever ideas for personal customization. With easy-to-follow steps and project variations, this book also includes project contributions and embroidery patterns from a long and stellar list of renowned artists and bloggers, including Lisa Congdon, Camilla Engman, Heather Smith Jones, and Amy Karol, just to name a few.

Lisa Solomon is a studio artist that moonlights as a college professor and graphic designer. Profoundly interested in the idea of hybridization (sparked from her Happa heritage), Solomon's mixed-media works and installations revolve thematically around domesticity, craft, and triggers that may be construed as masculine and/or feminine. She is drawn to found objects tending to alter them conceptually so their meanings and original uses or intents are repurposed. She often fuses "wrong" things together--recontextualizing their original purposes, and incorporating materials that question the line between ART and CRAFT. She received her BA in art in 1995 from UC Berkeley and her MFA from Mills College in 2003. She has exhibited and works with galleries both nationally and internationally, is in numerous private and public collections, and is continually tweeking artworks in her backyard studio. She resides in Oakland, California with her husband, daughter, a three-legged cat, a cross-eyed cat, a deaf French bulldog, a pit-bull, and many, many spools of thread. She is the author of Knot Thread Stitch (Quarry Books, 2012).

Format: Trade Paperback , 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781592537723
Illustrations: 250
Size: 8.5 in x 8.5 in / 216 mm x 216 mm


Let’s start




Transfer Methods 101

Make Stuff

Project 1: Tea Towels

Part 1: Wipe and Dry Towels with a Sycamore Pod Pattern

Part 2: Hand-Embroidered Golden Sycamore Pods on a Printed Tea Towel

Artist Version: Eat, Drink, and Clean with lettering by Kate Bingaman Burt

Project 2: Pillowcases

Part 1: Sleeping on Clouds

Artist Version: Arrow Pillowcase by Martha McQuade

Project 3: Handkerchiefs

Part 1: Fight that Cold!

Artist Version: Embroidered Scales and He Loves Me Hankies by Blair C. Stocker

Artist Version: Updated Monograms by Blair C. Stocker

Project 4: Contemporary Sashiko

Part 1: Fireworks Skirt

Artist Version: Simple Coasters by Sally J. Shim

Project 5: Inspired Silhouettes

Part 1: Willy Nilly Stitched Cat and House

Artist Version: Floral Silhouette Pillow by Lisa Congdon

Project 6: Monogram Patches

Part 1: Shaggy Red Cross and Initial

Project 7: Drawing with Thread

Part 1: Poppy Pods

Project 8: Children as Muses

Part 1: Multi-eyed Monster Tote Bag

Artist Version: Portrait of Papa by Amy Karol and Delia Jean Matern

Project 9: Hand-Carved Stamp Designs

Part 1: Iron Apron

Artist Version: Leaf-stamp Card by Patricia Zapata

Project 10: 3D Mending

Part 1: Pom-Pom Scarf

Project 11: Portraits

Part 1: “Me and Gram” Photo-Based Portrait

Artist Version: Illustrative Portraits by Betsy Thompson

Project 12: Pet Portraits

Part 1: Wilfredo

Artist Version: Morran Pillow by Camilla Engman

Project 13: Fabric-covered Buttons

Part 1: Button Buttons

Artist Version: Fruit and Veggie Cross-stitch by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

Project 14: Shrink and Stitch It!

Part 1: Hexagon Necklace

Artist Version: Lion and Birdie Zipper Pulls and Key Chains with illustrations by Susie Ghahremani

Project 15: Modern Commemorative Samplers

Part 1: On This Date

Artist Version: “66 Years” by Heather Smith Jones

Project 16: T-shirts

Part 1: Austin American Tee

Artist Version: Birds in the Sky and Let’s Go Fly a Kite T-shirts by Christine Castro Hughes

Project 17: Felt Finger Puppets

Part 1: Handy the Robot and Sakura Kokeshi

Artist Version: Digit and Aiko by Wendy Crabb

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Stitch Guide

Contributing Artists & Resources

About the Author


"My friend Lisa is sooo talented with mix media. Her book is FILLED with projects combining her love of embroidery with her savvy skills at re-purposing & treasure collecting. There's also some projects from some of my favorite artists too! I've been thinking about Christmas (ugh! I know!) and I think there are SEVERAL projects in here that I'd like to tackle." -
"Knot Thread Stitch is not a traditional embroidery book. In fact, it's less about the stitches and more about the projects you can create employing stitches. Using materials like transfers, paint, and stamps, Solomon presents a variety of creative ways to add stitching to mixed-media projects that can be adapted to fit just about any whim." - Barbara Delaney, Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine, November/December 2012
"The book's approach to embroidery is experimental and artistic, and though it includes a series of projects you can make at home (with templates provided, almost all of which require enlarging) the emphasis is firmly on sparking your creativity and using the projects in the book as springboards to make something unique and personal." - Laura Howard
" Lisa has a BA in Art Practice and herextensive experience as a practicing artist is evident throughout the beautifully presented pages.... In summing up, this is my kinda book. I've written in this space before about my love of craft books that are inspiring without being directive and how I prefer to use books as inspiration rather than as instruction manuals. Knot Thread Stitch has the perfect example of being inspiring and encouraging as well as providing great information on technique. I'm off to stitch up a storm!" - Whipup.Net
"Mixed-media artist Solomon uses embroidery to embellish her artwork with texture and depth. This collection of simple projects demonstrates how embroidered embellishment can add interest to everyday goods. After a clear, thorough introduction to the tools and supplies used in hand embroidery, the fun begins: Solomon presents a collection of home decor and accessory projects with a distinctively indie-craft aesthetic. A number of artists join her to present their takes on the projects, bringing their unique styles to the collection. Interest in embroidery continues to grow, and the variety of projects in Solomon’s collection, as well as its trendy aesthetic, make this an appealing purchase."NANETTE DONOHUE, Champaign P.L., IL FIBER CRAFTS

'A great addition to your bookshelf'