Brand Bible The Complete Guide to Building, Designing, and Sustaining Brands

Brand Bible by Debbie Millman

The Complete Guide to Building, Designing, and Sustaining Brands

Format: Paperback / softback, 312 Pages
ISBN: 9781592537266
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Brand Bible is a comprehensive resource on brand design fundamentals. It looks at the influences of modern design going back through time, delivering a short anatomical overview and examines brand treatments and movements in design. You'll learn the steps necessary to develop a successful brand system from defining the brand attributes and assessing the competition, to working with materials and vendors, and all the steps in between. The author, who is the president of the design group at Sterling Brands, has overseen the design/redesign of major brands including Pepsi, Burger King, Tropicana, Kleenex, and many more.

Normal0MicrosoftInternetExplorer4In addition to serving as the president of the design group at Sterling Brands, Debbie Millman is the chair of the Masters Program in Branding at the School of Visual Arts, she is the current national president of the AIGA, and she hosts "Design Matters with Debbie Millman," on, a weekly radio show about design.
Format: Paperback / softback, 312 Pages
ISBN: 9781592537266
Illustrations: 300
Size: 9.37 in x 9.5 in x 0.875 in / 238 mm x 241.3 mm x 22.225 mm

Foreword by Steven Heller

Introduction by Debbie Millman

Part One: Building Brands

CHAPTER 1: Meaningful Markings and the Great Leap Forward

CHAPTER 2: Fruits of the Elizabethan Era

CHAPTER 3: Potter's Gold

CHAPTER 4: Trademarks and the Growth of Consumer Packaged Goods

CHAPTER 5: The Beginning of Manufacturer Brands

CHAPTER 6: Breaking the Mold: Coco Chanel, Krueger Beer, and Lacoste

CHAPTER 7: The Greatest Generation of Brands

CHAPTER 8: The Evolution of Revolution

CHAPTER 9: Brand Identity, Consumer Experience, and the Interconnected Package

CHAPTER 10: Brandaptation in the Twenty-First Century

CHAPTER 11: Emerging Markets: BRIC and Beyond

Part Two: Sustaining Brands

CHAPTER 12: Ride Me: The Evolution of Branding for Transportation

CHAPTER 13: Choose Me: The Evolution of Branding Retail Environments

CHAPTER 14: Use Me: The Evolution of Branding Appliances

CHAPTER 15: Pretty on the Outside: The Evolution of Branding Beauty

CHAPTER 16: Thirst: The Evolution of Branding Beverages

CHAPTER 17: Unplugged: The Evolution of Branding Electronics

CHAPTER 18: A Brand Called You: The Evolution of Multimedia Brands and Beyond

Part Three: Designing Brands

CHAPTER 19: How to Brand a Book: Q&A with Rodrigo Corral, Rodrigo Corral Design

CHAPTER 20: How to Brand a Restaurant: Q&A with Matteo Bologna, Mucca Design

CHAPTER 21: How to Brand a Paper Product: Q&A with Christine Mau, Kimberly-Clark Company (Kleenex)

CHAPTER 22: How to Brand Usability: Q&A with Dan Formosa, Smart Design (OXO)

CHAPTER 23: How to Brand a Hotel: Q&A with Scott Williams (Starwood Properties)

CHAPTER 24: How to Brand Packaged Food: Q&A with Rob Wallace, Wallace Church (Lean Cuisine)

CHAPTER 25: How to Brand a Beverage: Q&A with Mike Bainbridge, Sterling Brands (Tropicana)

CHAPTER 26: How to Brand a Department store: Q&A with Michael Bierut, Pentagram (Saks Fifth Avenue)

CHAPTER 27: How to Brand a City: Q&A with Joyce Rutter Kaye, NYC & Company (New York City)

CHAPTER 28: How to Brand a Cultural Institution: Q&A with Rob Giampietro, Project Projects (SALT)

CHAPTER 29: How to Brand Print: Q&A with Gail Anderson, SpotCo (Various)

CHAPTER 30: How to Brand a Nonprofit: Q&A with Jennifer Kinon and Bobby C. Martin, Jr., OCD (Girl Scouts)

CHAPTER 31: How to Brand a Corporation: Q&A with Steff Geissbuhler, C&G Partners (CBS)

CHAPTER 32: How to Brand Television Programming: Q&A with Kenna Kay, MTV Networks (TV Land)

CHAPTER 33: How to Brand a Branding Agency: Q&A with Michael Ian Kaye, Mother (Mother)


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"A collaboration between the students and faculty of School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City, this book, edited by Millman (chair, masters in branding program, SVA; Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits), investigates, first, how brands and branding became such an integral and ubiquitous aspect of advertising and, second, how brands are crafted. Early chapters trace the origins of commercial art, trademarks, and conspicuous consumption in Europe. Later chapters outline how branding has developed as an extension of the U.S. marketing industry. There is discussion of Ivory Soap, Band-Aids, Lacoste sportswear, MTV, Google, and Oprah, among many brands. The particular challenges of establishing a completely new product or service are also addressed. The final chapters are made up of brief interviews with brand consultants or managers about design. VERDICT: A well-researched and accessible how-to and history. Besides attracting marketers and entrepreneurs, the book’s 300 illustrations (many ads and product images) will also appeal to commercial artists and graphic designers." - Library Journal