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Kimberly Marooney
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Reverend Kimberly Marooney’s, Ph.D., acclaimed Angel Blessings kit - revised, updated, and in print once again - makes it even easier for you to build a stronger, more prosperous connection with the angelic kingdom and to draw from the angels’ strength in your times of struggle. Each of the Angel Blessing cards included are beautiful reproductions of a fine art masterpiece inscribed with the name of the Angel and the Angel's mission. The 168-page guidebook offers an in depth description of all the angels and shows you how to manifest each one's essence in your life. There are nine different ways to work and play with the cards ranging from single card drawings to more involved processes.

Find hope! Phanuel, the angel of hope, will never leave your side. Get answers! Zadkiel, the angel of prayer, will teach you how to pray so your prayers will be answered. Regain trust! Uzzeil, the angel of faith, will cast away your doubts and will help you enter a state of knowing. Discover love! Ooniemme, the angel of gratitude, will help you use your faith and humility to open your heart to love.
This deluxe kit includes:
  • A deck of 44 cards, featuring a full-color reproduction of a fine-art masterpiece inscribed with the name of each angel and the angel’s mission.
  • A 168 page guidebook that explains how you can use the guidance and support from these angels at home, work, and anywhere else you need them.
Beautifully produced and thoughtfully written, this Angel Blessings kit is a source of inspiration, wisdom, and times.
Format Kit 192 Pages
ISBN 9781592339785
Size4.75 in x 6.25 in / 120.65 mm x 158.75 mm
Published Date October 6th, 2020
Kimberly Marooney
Kimberly Marooney is an angel expert and the author of our best-selling Angel Blessings kit. A fourth generation minister, Kimberly devotes her life to helping others experience the personal presence of the angels in their lives. She lives in southern California.
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