Julia Pretl's Big Book of Beadwork

Julia Pretl's Big Book of Beadwork by Julia S Pretl and Julia S Pretl

32 Projects for Adventurous Beaders

Format: Trade Paperback , 320 Pages
ISBN: 9781589235274
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$24.99 / £15.99

This volume brings together some of the best of Julia Pretl's bead collections. In this compilation of the author's previous three books, Beaded Collars, Bead Knitted Bags, and Little Bead Boxes, you'll learn Julia’s original methods for beading miniature vessels, knit purses, and classic neck pieces. Julia also offers instruction for creating four-, five-, and six-sided rectangular, square, and stacked miniature boxes; vintage-style bead-knitted handbags; and intricate neckpieces, inspired by the dramatic jewelry worn by the ancient Egyptians.

Each of the innovative projects contains a materials list and instructions presented both in written and charted form. With detailed instruction and sequenced illustrations, the author provides clear, step-by-step guidance. The enclosed DVD offers a series of video tutorials in bead knitting, with all the techniques needed for the projects included (for both left- and right-handed knitters!), and full-size printable PDFs of graphs.

Julia S. Pretl (Baltimore, MD) is the author of Beaded Collars, Little Bead Boxes, and Bead Knitted Bags. She has been featured in articles and on the cover of Interweave’s Beadwork magazine. Her work has also appeared in the Baltimore Sun and in several galleries and exhibits. She was an invited artist for Beading for the Soul (Interweave, 2005). Julia teaches classes and workshops and is well known in the online and off-line beadwork community.
Format: Trade Paperback , 320 Pages
ISBN: 9781589235274
Illustrations: 300
Size: 9 in x 9 in / 229 mm x 229 mm

Despite Pretl’s efforts to entice beginners, crafters will need plenty of patience as well as experience in knitting, crocheting and/or beading to get the most from this three-part book. That said, the book is a true treasure trove of projects and patterns. Each part deals with a different bead craft--knitting smalled beaded bags, crafting neckpieces reminiscent of Egyptian jewelry and building ornate bead boxes. Pretl includes both word maps and graph patterns for her 30-some projects, and a DVD, keyed to the first part of the book, clearly shows how basic knitting techniques (both right-handed and left-handed knitting is shown) can be adapted to beading projects. Readers can also download a selction of pdf patterns. Finishing techniqes for each type of project are describes with samples of each completed project shown in glorious full-color photos. This isn't for every collection, but it's a fine choice for libraries where beading books are in high demand. - Booklist. Dec. 15, 2010

Julia S. Pretl’s Big Book of Bead Work: 32 Projects for Adventurous
Beaders. Creative Pub: Quayside. 2010. 320p. illus. index. ISBN
9781589235274. pap. $24.99 with DVD. CRAFTS
Pretl (Beaded Collars) compiles her favorite designs from her recent
books in this weighty guide, which focuses on three types of beadwork
projects using three different techniques: knitted bags, netted
necklaces, and peyote-stitch boxes. Basic directions for each
technique are provided, with support from the lessons on the included
DVD, which shows each technique in action. Some knowledge of beadwork
is assumed; however, advanced beginners could easily attempt the
projects included in this broad collection. - February, 2011