America's Premier Gunmakers Collector's Edition

America's Premier Gunmakers Collector's Edition by K.D. Kirkland

Format: Hardback, 432 Pages
ISBN: 9781464301759
Publisher: JG Press
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America's great gunmakers are more than industrial entities. They are centers of exacting craftsmanship and precision engineering, and they are truly living legends. American gunmakers built not only the guns that won the Wild West but the guns that won both World Wars, and which today delight demanding sportsmen the world over In this collector's edition you will read about each of America's legendary gunmakers: Browning, Colt, Remington and Winchester. This is a carefully researched and illustrated book with more than 500 photographs telling the full story of the American firearms gunmakers. This collector's edition is a treasure sure to delight any gun enthusiast, whether sportsman or historian.

K. D Kirkland is a lifelong gun enthusiast with special interest in craftsmanship and classic, lasting design. Mr. Kirkland's interests besides firearms are many and varied. He has long been involved in landscape photography and all aspects of motion pictures, including writing and editing. He is currently based in Logan, Utah, where he is an audio-visual engineer. His writings on America's premier gunmakers are authoritative and widely read.

Format: Hardback, 432 Pages
ISBN: 9781464301759
Illustrations: 500
Size: 9.375 in x 12.375 in x 1.25 in / 238.12 mm x 314.32 mm x 31.75 mm
Edition: First Edition