Crochet Puffs, Popcorns, & Bobbles

Crochet Puffs, Popcorns, & Bobbles by Lindy Zubairy

Format: Paperback / softback, 96 Pages
ISBN: 9780857621498
Publisher: Quarto Press
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As an improver with the basics under your belt, you will find these crochet puffs, popcorns, and bobbles easy to pick up, as, together, they represent a natural next step. They are also fun to do, creating lovely nubbly textures. These wonderful textured stitches show up everywhere and in many guises. They may be tall or short, unaccompanied, or combined with other stitches. But you will come across them in so many patterns, old and new, and in projects from the exquisitely fine gauge to the funkiest chunky. What's more, just by making their acquaintance you will be calling upon a whole toolbox of transferable techniques. With its carefully photographed step-by-step sequences, smart captions, and useful annotations, this book will quickly enable you to pick up the skills and get familiar with the techniques—before getting started on the projects to put it all into practice. And just to make sure you get the hang of it, the book includes links to five one-minute films that show some of the step-by-step sequences repeated.

Education Academy in the UK, working in Learning Materials Design at the University of East London and delivering a range of crochet courses at Denman, the college of the Women's Institute in Oxfordshire. She teaches crochet at all levels—at various locations in the UK and abroad and in video workshops online—and is a regular contributor to Inside Crochet magazine. Lindy lives in South London with her son, Gabriel, and Tuna the cat.

Format: Paperback / softback, 96 Pages
ISBN: 9780857621498
Size: 9.685 in x 7.48 in / 246 mm x 190 mm