The Sewing Stitch & Textile Bible

The Sewing Stitch & Textile Bible by Lorna Knight

An Illustrated Guide to Techniques and Materials

Format: Spiral bound, 256 Pages
ISBN: 9780785830351
Publisher: Chartwell Books
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An invaluable resource for sewers of all abilities, this guide offers practical help with all of the essential hand and machine sewing techniques, from stitches and fastenings to fabrics and seams. The Sewing Stitch and Textile Bible's binding allows it to lay open flat next to your project, making it a perfect addition to a sewer or crafter's craft room library.

Beginners will find instruction in basic skills, guided by clear photographs and diagrams. Advanced sewers will find new applications for their sewing skills. The comprehensive Stitch Directory features functional and decorative stitches created by hand, sewing machine, and serger. The Sewing Stitch and Textile Bible also contains a textile Directory provides information on working with over 70 fabrics from delicate chiffon and lace to heavy duty denim, and tips on suitable stitches and applications

Lorna Knight spent ten years teaching Design and Technology in the UK before setting up a business designing and making lingerie and running workshops, teaching a wide range  of sewing skills from both the couture and high street fashion worlds.  Lorna writes regularly for Sewing World magazine, and has contributed to many other fashion sewing publications.
Format: Spiral bound, 256 Pages
ISBN: 9780785830351
Size: 6.75 in x 8.25 in x 1 in / 171.45 mm x 209.55 mm x 25.4 mm