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Craft your own all-natural beeswax lip balms in fun colors and flavors!

Go Natural! Deluxe Lip Balm Lab includes the tools and ingredients you need, including 100% natural beeswax, cotton candy flavoring, pink coloring, a creation station, six lip balm pods, and a book packed with recipes, techniques, and scientific explanations. The exclusive mix-and-melt silicone mold lets you mix, heat, and mold your ingredients in one component for a safer, mess-free experience. Use the measure-and-cut spoon to add the beeswax and a little cooking oil to the mold. Add the colors and flavors you want and heat in the microwave for less than a minute. For regular balms, just place a pod on the heated wax and let it harden. Voila!

As they create, young cosmetic scientists will learn about humectants and emollients and discover why water and oil don’t mix in the 16-page illustrated activity book featuring activities and scientific information. Add cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter, or olive oil from your kitchen for supremely soothing balms. Create custom flavors by adding baking chips such as cinnamon, chocolate, and pumpkin spice.

The slim, two-sided flip pods tuck easily into your pocket or purse. You can even make lip balms with colorful hearts, stripes, and polka dots! When you’re done for the day, everything stores in the creation station for easy cleanup. This kit makes a great gift and family activity.

  • All-natural ingredients, hands-on learning fun: This deluxe lip balm lab provides tools and ingredients to make all-natural, colorful, flavored lip balms at home—just add vegetable oil from the pantry and your choice of add-ins
  • Exclusive new travel pods:  Exclusively designed travel pods can be attached with a carabiner to backpack, zipper pull, keychain, or purse; slim design slips into a jeans pocket but still can accommodate two different colors or flavors
  • Proprietary mix-and-melt silicone mold: Allows for one-step mixing and melting as well as easy cleanup in top rack of dishwasher
  • 30-piece kit includes color and flavor: lab station, 3 sphere pods, 3 double-sided go pods, mix-and-melt silicone mold, all-natural beeswax pastilles, cotton candy flavoring, red mica colorant, measure-and-cut spoon, stir sticks, and a 16-page illustrated activity book
  • 20 recipes, tips & techniques: Including the recipe flavors Deluxe Chocolate, Vanilla Cream, Hugs & Kisses, Tropical Breeze, and more; plus more advanced techniques for making custom two-color lip balms with hearts and polka dots
  • 16-page activity book explains the science behind the beauty: Young scientists discover how lip balm works to keep lips smooth, why oil and water don’t mix, the role of honey in cosmetics, and more
  • Perfect for budding cosmetic scientists ages 8+: Great birthday party or sleepover activity, friends take home both a custom lip balm prize and new scientific knowledge
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Published Date September 15th, 2020
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