The Life Steve McQueen

The Life Steve McQueen by Dwight Jon Zimmerman

Format: Hardback, 240 Pages
ISBN: 9780760358115
Publisher: Motorbooks
Series: The Life
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The Life Steve McQueen explores and celebrates the films, racing, style and overall life that made Steve McQueen The King of Cool and an enduring icon.

Steve McQueen remains the embodiment of cool some three decades after his death. Whether on the silver screen, racing a Triumph motorcycle across a California desert, dueling with other racers at Le Mans, or simply hanging with his pals, McQueen exuded an effortless style that belied his rough and tumble past. It’s a trick that ensures he continues to appear in advertising and pop culture all the while embraced by cinema, racing, and motorcycle fans as one of their own. He remains the ultimate guy’s guy.

The Life Steve McQueen explores and celebrates the memorable aspects of McQueen’s life that, taken as a whole, defined the man and cemented his reputation as a Hollywood rebel and risk taker. Peppered with period photos, illustrations, posters, and more, The Life Steve McQueen surveys the movie roles, racing, personal style, art, and pop culture that all combined to crown the King of Cool and ensure his legacy.

Dwight Jon Zimmerman is a best-selling and award-winning author, radio show host, and producer and the president of the Military Writers Society of America. Zimmerman has authored the text for several graphic novels, including the acclaimed The Hammer and the Anvil, a dual biography of abolitionist Frederick Douglass and President Abraham Lincoln. His other titles include The Vietnam War: A Graphic History and Uncommon Valor: The Medal of Honor and the Six Warriors Who Earned It in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is also the co-author, with Bill O'Reilly, of the New York Times number-one bestseller Lincoln's Last Days.

Format: Hardback, 240 Pages
ISBN: 9780760358115
Series: The Life
Illustrations: 250 color & 50 b-w photos
Size: 6.69 in x 8.86 in / 169.93 mm x 225.04 mm
"In The Life: Steve McQueen, Dwight Jon Zimmerman has created a way to know McQueen as much more than the media stereotypical king of cool, whose image is used to sell everything from clothing lines to motorcycles and watches. He reveals a tough kid from a hardscrabble background who worked hard to get where he wanted to go, played hard and took us along for the ride and never lost sight of his own humanity and that of those around him."
"[An] extremely well-written biography."