Aftershock! Earthquake Lab

Aftershock! Earthquake Lab by SmartLab

Format: General merchandise, 24 Pages
ISBN: 9780760353448
Publisher: SmartLab Toys
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Can you stand up to the destructive force of the earthquake? Earthquakes are one of the most destructive forces in the entire world. This is your chance to put your creations to the test!

Earthquake Simulator gives you everything you’ll need to build tons of different buildings. The variable-lock girder system offers young engineers endless possibilities for their structural experimentation. Can you design a quake-proof house? Office building? Skyscraper?

The included earthquake table is where kids will put their designs to the test! Quakes of all different different types, magnitudes, and durations are available with the dual-motion shake table, for the most realistic experience possible. Can’t quite handle the rumbles? Earthquake Simulator comes with a seismic science book loaded with information on quakes of all kinds to give you a leg up on the rumbles.
Format: General merchandise, 24 Pages
ISBN: 9780760353448
Illustrations: Fully illustrated activity book
Size: 15.75 in x 15 in / 400.05 mm x 381 mm