Drop Zone

Drop Zone by SmartLab

Format: General merchandise
ISBN: 9780760353431
Publisher: SmartLab Toys
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Stanley the Stunt Pig looooves to fly! This wild stunt piggy comes with his very own landing zone and stunt plane with time release cargo doors. Load Stanley into the cargo bay, let him take flight, and use your smarts and timing to make sure he makes a perfect landing.

This super durable, easy-to-assemble EPO glider has a massive, 28-inch wingspan, perfect for taking to the skies. It’s also fully customizable with plenty of decal stickers. Kids will need to consider many principles of physics to successfully drop their piggy-payload into the Drop Zone--things like angle of trajectory, wind speed, and strength of their throw, not to mention the added variable of timing for when the cargo doors open.

Stanley the Stunt Pig and his daring deeds are a perfect summer activity in the backyard, or at the park with friends. Don’t let Stanley get turned into bacon, get him into the Drop Zone today
Format: General merchandise
ISBN: 9780760353431