The Stratocaster Manual

The Stratocaster Manual by Terry Burrows

Buying, Maintaining, Repairing, and Customizing Your Fender and Squier Stratocaster

Format: Paperback / softback, 208 Pages
ISBN: 9780760349229
Publisher: Voyageur Press
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$26.99 / £16.99

This is the ultimate owner's manual for the world's most popular guitar!

This is a step-by-step, heavily illustrated guide to everything about the legendary Fender electric guitar, the Stratocaster! It shows owners and dreamers the basics of selecting and buying Strats; maintenance and repairs such as tuning, setting intonation, tremolo alignment, fret repairs, and bridge and nut adjustments; electrical troubleshooting; spur-of-the-moment stage-side fixes; and some basic "performance" enhancements such as adding "hot rod" Fender and aftermarket pickups, locking-tremolo nuts, and more. Let world-renowned guitar expert Terry Burrows be your guide to this awesome instrument.

Gorgeous shots of Fender guitars and guitar parts and images of well-known musicians playing Stratocasters make this a book no fan will want to miss.

Terry Burrows is one of the world's best-known authors on playing, maintaining, and buying guitars. His work has been translated into at least a dozen languages and published in more than sixteen different countries. He also has a parallel career as an experimental musician, performing throughout Europe, frequently using home-built instruments, and has more than fifty professional releases.

Format: Paperback / softback, 208 Pages
ISBN: 9780760349229
Illustrations: 562 color photos
Size: 8.5 in x 11 in x 0.75 in / 215.9 mm x 279.4 mm x 19.05 mm

"...the main text of these guides is smart and relevant, backed with clear, incisive how-to images."