The Yankees Baseball Reader

A Collection of Writings on the Game's Greatest Dynasty

The Yankees Baseball Reader
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Format: Hardback, 352 Pages
ISBN: 9780760340615
Publisher: MVP Books
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The New York Yankees have been written about, analyzed, scrutinized, and celebrated more than any other sports franchise. Their unmatched 27 world championships and long list of Hall of Famers—and equally long list of colorful characters—have inspired the literary- and not-so-literary-minded from the world of sports and the world of letters to pen some of the greatest pieces of sports writing over the course of more than a century. The Yankees Baseball Reader brings together the best works of journalism and literature to tell the story of this legendary franchise. It offers the musings of classic sportswriters like Grantland Rice and Damon Runyon and modern-day wordsmiths like Roger Angell and Thomas Boswell, and features excerpts from the great baseball biographers. The players themselves share their perspectives—from memoirs by such Yankee legends as Mickey Mantle and Joe Torre to tell-alls by Jim Bouton and Sparky Lyle. And the humorous musings of Casey Stengel and Yogi Berra are an essential part of team lore. Newspaper accounts of the most memorable moments from Yankee history, as well as views from the other side—the Yankee haters—round out this essential reference for any fan of the Bronx Bombers.

The author

Josh Leventhal has been an avid baseball fan for as long as he can remember, reading baseball stories and pouring over statistics in the Baseball Encyclopedia. He has written or compiled six books, including the best-selling Take Me Out to the Ballpark, Baseball...The Perfect Game, Baseball and the Meaning of Life, and The World Series: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Fall Classic, now in its fourth edition. A native New Yorker, he cheers for the Minnesota Twins in his adopted hometown of the Twin Cities, although the Pittsburgh Pirates will always remain dearest in his heart. He is an editor at Voyageur Press and lives in St. Paul.

A lifelong baseball fan, Adam Brunner works as an editor and lives in Saint Paul, MN. Josh Leventhal, born and raised in New York City, first became a baseball fan during the wild days of Billy, Reggie, Thurman, and George, and he has been an avid follower of the game ever since. He is the author of several books, including Take Me Out to the Ballpark, The World Series: An Illustrated History of the Fall Classic, and Baseball Yesterday & Today. He lives in St. Paul with his wife and daughter.

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Format: Hardback, 352 Pages
ISBN: 9780760340615
Illustrations: 7 b&w photos
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