The Cigarette Papers

The Cigarette Papers by Peter Ashley

A Eulogy for the Cigarette Packet in Anecdote and Literature

Format: Paperback / softback, 112 Pages
ISBN: 9780711233577
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
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A seagull swoops across a packet of Senior Service, a seaman from HMS Hero poses in a lifebelt cameo on twenty Player's, a laughing cavalier puffs away at a Passing Cloud. And a Jeeves-style butler offers us a Kensitas on a silver tray. Welcome to the vanished world of cigarette pack art. Peter Ashley has delved into his own and other collections of packs to show us what an incredible art gallery of design they once offered, and creates a series of still lifes to show how much a part of daily life they were - Gold Flakes on a picnic, Park Drive on a workbench. He finds the stories to go with them too: the influence of Du Mauriers on a crooked tycoon, the Battle of Britain pilots throwing packets of Weights after free-falling Messerschmitts. And of course the packets dropped into literature: Ian Fleming, Len Deighton, John Betjeman, Will Self - all have contributed to cigarette culture without disapproving shakes of the head. The Cigarette Papers is a joyful, witty and ultimately beautiful recollection of old friends who will probably never be seen again.

Format: Paperback / softback, 112 Pages
ISBN: 9780711233577
Illustrations: 180 colour photographs and illustrations
Size: 7.008 in x 0.276 in x 7.992 in / 178 mm x 7 mm x 203 mm

Naughty nostalgia for a lost art

Crammed with nicely researched material on every aspect of cigarette packaging on the 20th century...In all, an interesting book

- Celebrates the vanished world of cigarette pack art

'Thank goodness for Peter Ashley … prowling the countryside like a subversive dowser'

Richard Mabey on Pastoral Peculiars

'Peter Ashley scavenges to telling effect'

Iain Sinclair on London Peculiars

' absolutely stunning illustrated book...'

A.N.Wilson in The Daily Telegraph on Unmitigated England

'Until the happy advent of Peter Ashley's Cross Country it has, ironically, been foreigners who have been best at celebrating Englishness'.

Christina Hardyment The Independent

Unexpectedly pleasing and engrossing celebration of 20th-century cigarette pack art, beautifully illustrated and accompanied by a witty and anecdotal commentary by the likes of John Betjeman, Ian Fleming and Will Self.

a collection of classic packets...many fine examples