The Art of Cooking with Vegetables

The Art of Cooking with Vegetables by Alain Passard

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Format: Hardback, 104 Pages
ISBN: 9780711233355
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
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Alain Passard is chef who astonished the food world in 2001 by removing red meat from his three-Michelin-starred Paris restaurant L'Arpège, and dedicating himself to cooking with vegetables, supplied exclusively from his own organic farm. Today L'Arpège is widely acknowledged as one of the world's great restaurants, while its visionary owner has inspired a new generation of chefs.
Here is a collection of forty-eight wonderful recipes illustrated with Alain Passard's own joyful collages. Ranging through the year, the recipes include:
* Asparagus, pear, lemon and sorrel in April and May
* Peas, pink grapefruit, almond and thyme in July and August
* Beetroot, blackberry, sage and lavender in September and October
* Red potatoes, red chicory, sage, lemon and nutmeg in December and January.
The Art of Cooking with Vegetables is made up of unexpected combinations, complex flavours created with a few simple elements, a passion for fresh and seasonal ingredients. Simple, and simply perfect.

Alain Passard is chef and owner of restaurant l'Arpege in Paris, which has retained a three-Michelin-star ranking since 1996. His kitchen garden supplies the restaurant, and is run completely organically, without even the use of machines. He lives in Paris.

Format: Hardback, 104 Pages
ISBN: 9780711233355
Illustrations: 48 colour illustrations
Size: 9.055 in x 0.344 in x 9.055 in / 230 mm x 8.75 mm x 230 mm

Carrots and purple basil with cinnamon

Bell-shaped carrots with red sorrel and red wine

Aubergines with green curry

Herb-filled peppers on warm crusty bread

New potatoes with rocket and raspberry vinegar

A piquant mesclun salad with orange, Orleans mustard and soy sauce

French spinach with rhubarb, beetroot and bay

Spinach and carrots with orange and sesame

Stand up asparagus

Asparagus and pear with a touch of red sorrel

Turnips and lemon with black pepper

Avocado soufflés with dark chocolate

Passion fruit stuffed and baked in a crumble

A summer garden of vegetables garnished with turnip leaves

Globe artichokes with bay leaves and lime

Haricots verts with white peach and white almonds

Turnips and new potatoes with red tomatoes

Melon with blue cheese and black pepper

New potatoes with sage

Ratatouille cooked Brittany-style in butter

Three kinds of tomato with roasted aubergine caviar

Tomatoes and mozzarella with vanilla

Vegetarian Caesar salad

White chilli the way I like it

Peaches with lemon and saffron

Rhubarb and strawberries with pralines and orange

Peas and pink grapefruit with white almonds

Red peppers and black tomatoes with coriander (cilantro)

A harlequin's garden of vegetables dressed with stuffed dates

A summer mosaic of green vegetables

A warm compote of plums with honey and orange

Turnips and black tomatoes cooked in Beaujolais, served with boiled eggs

Ceps with lemon, thyme and olive oil

Red beetroot with lavender and crushed blackberries

Red cabbage with pink garlic and tarragon

A tale of pumpkin and beetroot

A yellow carpaccio of onion, potato, horseradish and garlic

Beetroot with purple onion and basil and Parmesan

Beetroot with leek, green apple and green tea

Pears and black radish with tapenade

Pumpkin with basil and a cappuccino topping

Red Tiger bananas with Madras curry, sage and red onion

Baked apples with hibiscus flowers and crushed sugared almonds

Red apples and red chicory cooked in butter and sage

Yellow beetroot baked in a dome of coarse salt

A jam of blood oranges, raspberries and mint

Chicory with orange peel and fresh mint

Pineapple with an olive oil, honey and lime dressing

Now you can re-create Passard's recipes at home with his book the Art of Cooking With Vegetables, charmingly illustrated with a series of playful collages.

First book by the chef and owner of L'Arpege, a restaurant in Paris which has retained three Michelin stars since 1996. Almost 50 recipes for seasonal fruits and vegetables, stylishly illustrated with Passard's own collages. For fans of Ottolenghi's 'Plenty'.

A strange, magical book. Cooking from this book will change you. Quietly and surely.

A surprising and inspiring cookbook

These 48 recipes offer unexpected combinations and complex flavour effects created with a few simple elements

The Art of Cooking with Vegetables is full of unusual recipes and flavour combinations and is illustrated with Alain's own food collages.

Enter Alain Passard, the revered chef behind three-Michelin-starred veg-driven Paris restaurant L'Arpege. We worried his 'The Art of Cooking with Vegetables' might be better left beautifying cour coffee tables. Nope, this is a tome to take into the kitchen. The recipes are easy to follow and streamlined. Peas and Pink Grapefruit with White Almonds immediately caught our eye and Peaches with Lemon and Saffron is what we'll be having when the fruit is ripe.

The recipes are distinctly innovative, full of unexpected combinations and complex flavours and Passard has elevated the simple vegetable to an ingredient that can stand up on its own. Combining his passion for fresh and seasonal ingredients and art, Passard has created a book that will change how many look at the humble vegetable.