Abundance Crystal Grid

Clear away negative energy this holiday season with this Abundance Grid from Judy Hall’s new book, The Ultimate Guide to Crystal Grids.


A spiral draws energy into a stagnant situation or clears away negative energy. So if your finances are floundering and you need an infusion of cash, use a spiral grid to clear away anything blocking your abundance—or, if you’re seeking a raise or a new job, lay an abundance spiral. Place it over a lottery ticket or a scrap of paper with your wish printed on it. Abundance doesn’t just involve money. Abundance is about feeling satisfied and secure with what you have, living an enriching and fulfilling life, sharing life’s bounty, showing gratitude, and trusting that the universe will provide appropriately for all your needs.

Using the grid: First, lay the grid with the crystal points pointing up and out to cleanse the energies and remove any blockages to abundance. Cleanse your crystals, then switch, laying the grid with the crystals pointing in toward the center to draw in abundance.

Timing: New moon is the traditional time to begin new projects, but it is also customary to lay an abundance grid under a full moon. If time allows, lay a preparatory clearing grid first, as above, and then lay the second grid. (Remember to cleanse the crystals and the grid space in between.) Leave the grid in place for a moon cycle or until it has completed its work.

Color and background: Green, gold, and yellow are the traditional colors of abundance.

• Base for the grid, such as wood, slate, fossilized wood, or golden card or cloth
• Cleansed and empowered Citrine and/or Goldstone
• Cleansed and empowered Herkimer Diamonds or Smoky Quartz
• Cleansed and empowered Goldstone for the keystone
• Anchor stone if appropriate

1. If you’re laying a preparatory “cleansing” spiral, start at the topmost point and lay crystals alternately, with the points pointing out from the center. Place the Goldstone in the center as the keystone. If laying an abundance grid, begin by placing the Goldstone in the
center, stating that your intention is for it to bring abundance into your life.
2. Lay a spiral of alternated crystals, pointing down and inward, until you reach the Goldstone.
3. Add a grounding stone if appropriate.
4. When the grid is no longer required, dismantle it per the instructions on page 39.

Grid-kit suggestions: Citrine, Goldstone, Green Aventurine, Herkimer Diamond, Jade, Moss Agate, Ruby, Tiger’s Eye, Topaz

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