Quick Tarot Readings

Since it was first published in 1992, the beautiful Enchanted Tarot deck has become a firm favorite with tarot readers around the world. Get started with this guide to quick readings.


Interpreting the Cards

Notice the power of each card as you interpret it. Cards of the Major Arcana— such as The Fool, The Empress, and Judgment—are spiritually above those of the Minor Arcana and special attention should be paid to these cards. They are easily identified by their purple border. Cards of the Minor Arcana are still important, but they are more likely to guide you through everyday events. These cards are divided into four suits—Wands, Swords, Hearts, and Pentacles—and are colored orange, blue, pink, and green, respectively. Refer to The Cards of The Enchanted Tarot (page 36) for further information on the Arcana and individual cards.


Quick Readings

When you begin your journey with the Tarot, start with Quick Readings. In these, you ask a simple question and receive a simple answer. Select the question that is right for you. Experienced Tarot readers know that the Tarot can answer any sincere question. The quality of the answer received depends upon the clarity of the question asked, the skill of the Tarot reader, and the ability to interpret the answer received. In our experience, some of the most frequently asked questions are in one of these two forms:
1) Tell me what I need to know about _____ for my highest good.
2) What will be the outcome of _____?
Relax and then repeat your question as you shuffle your Tarot card deck face down. For more on getting into the proper mindset to do a reading and shuffling the cards, refer to Handling the Cards. Stop shuffling when it feels appropriate to do soor for about as long as it takes you to ask your question twice. Put the deck facedown  and spread out the cards. Take a moment to take another deep breath, calm yourself, and either visualize your situation in your mind’s eye or say your question aloud as you pick a card.

Use this book to reference the meaning of the card you selected. At the bottom of every card page, there is a guide to the message and the outcome associated with that card. Depending on how you’ve phrased your question, you will need to read either the message you must hear or the outcome of the situation you’ve asked about. Ignore The Dream, The Awakening, and The Enchantment when you are doing a Quick Reading; these are for more advanced readings.

In the outcome answers, I often use the phrase “you may.” I say this to remind the reader that we must remember to allow ourselves to change and become ourselves more fully. We have the power to change our lives and ourselves for the better, but only if we are willing to use it. I also say it because no Tarot reading is etched in stone: our free will is more powerful than any Tarot reading.

Sometimes the message answer will seem to answer an outcome question and vice versa. Sometimes both answers will be virtually identical. This, too, is perfectly fine. But there are other ways to get information that is just as pertinent to your question as the answers printed in this book. Remember, using the Tarot is based on the premise that you have the answers to your questions within you. If you have asked a question about another person, you must rephrase the answer as you read it so that it reads as if the answer was written for that person.
Your first impression upon seeing the image of the card you have picked can inspire in your imagination a series of images connected to, and directed by, your Higher Self. Amy’s fabric collage tapestries have added her artistic statement to the Tarot’s many interpretations. She has successfully blended the essence of the fantasy, fine art, and spiritual wisdom of all the nations thought to have originated the Tarot on each card. There is a wealth of information in each image for you to draw on and interpret. The large majority of the answers you receive will make it seem like the cards picked from your Enchanted Tarot deck are speaking directly to your question. However, there may be times when the answer you receive does not appear to be specifically answering your question. These are the best times for developing your intuition, your ability to read the cards, and your ability to make decisions.

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The Enchanted TarotWhether you’re new to the cards, or a more advanced reader, this elegant collection has something for you. Experience the reassuring accuracy of the cards, and the extraordinary images created by award-winning artist Amy Zerner. These miniature works of visionary art weave a richly detailed fantasy world that is impossible to resist. The accompanying book by Monte Farber offers you guidance derived from your dream and waking states of mind and your resulting state of enchantment.

Used regularly, The Enchanted Tarot will give you access to the wisdom of your Higher Self, offer you guidance for every day, and illuminate your life. So, whether you want to do an instant tarot reading to help with daily decision-making, or use it for a full forecast of your year, The Enchanted Tarot can help. Complete with 78 stunningly beautiful tarot cards, a 192-page book, and a beautiful tarot bag, the 25th anniversary edition of The Enchanted Tarot is a beautiful keepsake for tarot lovers everywhere.